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Our Say: Ten Years

Ten years, one hundred twenty months, 3650 days of fighting the good fight in Anne Arundel County. Helping those who seek recovery from substance use and helping the community to understand. When I became a participant of this little group I went because my boss asked me to fill in for her. I walked in and thought “I don’t belong...
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Our Say: Project Chesapeake

Did you know that, according to the American Psychological Center, in the past year alone, over 45 million adults in the United States suffered from a mental illness? Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, over 20 million Americans have a substance abuse problem - and due to the growing opioid crisis, that number is increasing?...
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I Am Evidence Based

What exactly would liberation look like for people in recovery? To me it is a world where people in recovery are no longer looked at as weak minded, pitiful or scary, but rather as people who have powerful gifts to offer the world. To embrace a vision of their potential gifts, we need to remove the stigma both individually and...
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